Monday, January 24, 2011

Memory Monday - Spirograph

Do you remember this toy? I sure do, I played with it for hours and hours when I was a kid. I loved it!! I found two sets and gave one to Amelia for Christmas. When she opened it she had this look on her face like what the heck is this? But once I explained what is was both the girls have been going round and round ever since. I love being able to share my childhood memories and make new ones with the girls.

Now I need to find some fashion plates, do you remember those? I sure do!!!

Do you need a Spirograph set for your kids? I am selling the second set in my etsy shop here.


Amanda said...

I LOVED spirograph when I was growing up! I'm sure my mom still has the one I used to use. I spent many, many hours with that toy. Wish that more toys today inspired as much creativity.

VaLon said...

I loved that thing. I wonder if I still have mine... more importantly, where I have mine....