Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amelia-isms - Krap

We got Amelia's "Being a writer, Unit 3" booklet in the backpack yesterday and it's great to see how well she is coming along with writing. But this story caught my eye.

She writes: Once I had a hubcap off and I had to wait and wait.

The best part of this is the drawing... notice me with the curly hair saying "Krap" and Anna and Amelia in the car with frowning. She even has the city hall sign, which is where this all happened, right in front of city hall.

This did happen last spring, we had gotten some work done on the tires and after that one of the hubcaps kept falling off. One of the times it fell off Amelia saw it rolling down the street so I pulled over to pick it up. I was not happy and I guess I said "crap" and of course she seems to remembers everything!!

I wonder what her 1st grade teacher thinks when she reads these stories. I bet she has read some pretty good ones over the years. Kids tell it like it is and I think that is so great!


Sam from Hundy and Undy said...

Oh this cracks me up. Especially "krap."

When I was in 2nd grade, each week someone in the class was the "star of the week" and everyone had to write about them and draw a picture, then the "star" got them all stapled together after they were graded and were able to take them home. My mom kept mine and still has it.

The thing was, I had to write about myself. Mine was in October, and my mom used to go all out on the Halloween decor in the front yard and it just so happened that that was the year we stuffed our usual leaf-guy and she decided to hang him from a noose on the maple tree.

And this scene ended up being the picture I drew! I can only imagine what my teacher thought when she saw it!


Tracy said...

LOL, I love your story Sam... so funny