Monday, June 28, 2010

What I'm reading: Sex Instructions, inside pages

You'll never guess where I got this book. My mother found it at my Grandparents house. My Grandparents moved into an assisted living community and mother saw this book when cleaning out the house and thought of me.... yes me... why you ask. She remembered this blog about the vintage menstruation book and thought this would be an interesting book to blog about. And was she right!

The copyright for this was 1937 and it is a book any good catholic at that time would buy to teach their children about the "Sin" of unmarried sex and "Self -Abuse" (aka masturbation). It is so interesting to read. I was really surprised how for a "How to Give Sex Instructions" book they do not use many technical names:

Seed = Sperm
Emissions = ejaculation
Self- abuse = masturbation
Nor do they ever mention the penis or vagina, not once. The whole book is really about how to stay "pure" in the eyes of God.

I also thought it was interesting how the title first reads" Sex Instructions" in large bold font to draw you in. Then you see it says in small type "How to give". I wonder how many people looked at it hoping to find some great sex tips or interesting drawings.

You should be able to click on the pages to enlarge it and read the copy, it is definitely from a time past long ago.

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