Monday, March 8, 2010

Another step toward "Green"!

I love to recycle and I have a say I have been bringing bags to the store before it was cool to bring bags. At that time I sewed my own bags because then you couldn't buy them. I remember getting annoyed looks from the baggers, I know it's a bit harder, my bags didn't come with a stand to keep them open.

I am so happy with the progress of reusable bags, did you know that some stores give you money if you bring your own bag? Target gives you 5¢ back and Whole foods gives you money or you can donate the money to their charity. It's just good all around!

When shopping I still used the plastic bags in the produce dept. and when I saw someone who made these tulle produce baggies, I thought wonderful... why didn't I think of this? I had some tulle from some gift wrapping that I had saved and made these super easy baggies. So... if you have a sewing machine get crackin'. If not, your not off the hook because there are several great etsy shops that make these bags, no excuse!

Need to buy bags? Check here or here or here.

Thanks for being GREEN with me!

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