Monday, February 8, 2010

Sledding for the first time

My Dad brought over my old sleds a few weeks ago and it finally snowed just enough to take the girls sledding for the first time. I grass was peaking through the snow but they didn't care, they loved it!

The bottom photo show us on the ski sled bike, this is from the 80's, my brother Brent and I loved this sled. The photo does not show it but the front has a ski, no wheel. The good thing about this sled is that you can easily steer around trees or people in your way. The only down side is when we would go sledding everyone else also loved this sled, most had not seem anything like it, and wanted to try it out.

The girls are waiting for more snow and more sledding, so I hope we get one more big snow fall before the spring.

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