Thursday, November 20, 2008

spiders, cement mixers and horses

Amelia is my sweetheart and has the artist bug inside her already. She loves to craft and color everyday. Yesterday we all made these turkeys for Thanksgiving. As soon as we were done she wanted another craft, ahhhh, it's hard to think of things to keep her busy. Notice that these turkeys have earrings, we wouldn't want a turkey without her accessories!

This morning as we left for school Amelia got all excited because the neighbor (who is adding on to their house) had a cement mixer in the driveway. Amelia told me three times... I LOVE cement mixers. Then she told me she loved spiders, cement mixers and horses. With a smile I told her that was an unusual mix. So I might have a future arachnologist, construction worker, equestrain or artist on my hands.

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