Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I went to the dentist this morning to have a cavity redone, it was old. I hate going to the dentist, I get very tense and jumpy.

When I was in first grade we started going to a new dentist, he was known as the awesome dentist for kids, there were photos of him dresses up like superman and batman in the waiting room. My first visit he pulled two baby teeth, I was crying because it really hurt. He told me if I did not shut up I would never see my parents again... gulp, I got quiet quick. I told my Mom what he said, but I guess she did not believe me. 

Second visit (my Mom had to almost drag me into the office) he pulled another tooth, more crying from me and another threat. Then he told me I have one month to get the other teeth out. He told my Mom pulling all these baby teeth would let my permanent teeth come in straight so I would not need braces (which I did end up getting).

I think my Mom finally believed me, this guy was crazy, she refused to take me to the next visit. Dad would have to take me since it was his contact that recommend this guy. 

I wiggled those teeth all I could, but no luck... Third visit (again my Dad has to drag me in, I was crying before we even entered the office) he pulled three teeth and as I sat there crying he told me that if I did not stop he would pull more of my teeth. As we left the office, he told my Dad that all my baby teeth were pulled and I carried them home in a little white box for the tooth fairy. 

That was the last time we went went to the crazy dentist, I we found a new dentist and I have gone to him since the second grade, he just retired and I just started with this new dentist, he seems to be good... so far!

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