Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We started taking gymnastics, the girls look so cute in their new leotards. It was really hard finding some nice leotards that were not crazy colors with rainbow sparkles all over. Luckily we found these (sweet & simple) and they both loved them. Amelia took the 4 year old class and Anna & I took the 1-2 year, mommy & me class. They both had a fun time, Anna loved jumping on the trampoline and swinging from the rings. It is a great way to get their energy out, it wore them both out, and they both took long naps! Great for me... we love gymnastics!

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denise.1027 said...

Hey, who says there is something wrong with crazy colors and rainbow sparkles!?? Just kidding but Nessa would be aghast.

So did the moms have to wear a leotard??