Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Carnival - Maplewood Days

Our girls are getting big enough to do the rides at the carnivals and they love the kiddie rides. We went to Maplewood Days Saturday night with my parents. After riding a few kid rides they wanted to ride the bigger, faster rides, so we gave it a try. We picked the scrambler, Mom, Amelia and me were in one car, Brian, Dad and Anna in another. Main objective... don't crush the kids! It was fast!!! I don't remember this ride being that fast and it was really long. I guess since it was early and really no line they let the rides go longer, I thought it would never end. Amelia did not like it and cried a tiny bit then just kept asking me to stop the ride. Brian said that Anna did not cry, but did not laugh either, maybe she was frozen with fear? After the ride Amelia really wanted to watch the scrambler, maybe to see what just happened to her from another angle?

I think we will stick with the kiddie rides a bit longer.

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