Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Amelia's Girl Scout Silver Award Project.

Amelia spoke to 5 classrooms at two different elementary schools and two girl scout troops. Overall sharing her information with 138 kids.

Below is the speech she presented and the coloring book she wrote and Illustrated herself. She handed out the coloring books to all the kids to take home. She also played a game called guess how long this take to decompose, she showed an item and the kids guessed. Most of the kids were very surprised how many years most items take to decompose.

Her speech...
     This is about plastic water bottles and how they affect the earth. Originally people thought using plastic water bottles was crazy, since we have our own running water at home that we just pull a handle and comes out. Why buy that bottled up right?

But through convincing and persuading , we now believe that bottled water is safer than tap water. But that might not be the case most brands just use tap water and filter it. A lot of people fall for words like "spring" or "natural" and assume its good for them. 
  Lets assume you buy bottled water and let it sit out for a very long time. The water could possible absorb the chemicals coming from the plastic, making it harmful to you. On another note, even if you do recycle, there is a chance that bottle could end up in the ocean, or some landfill in another country. The best plan to stop all those risks is just to use a reusable water bottle. Then, you would never have to use another plastic bottle again.

This stuff applies to pretty much all plastics, so there are different things you can do to eliminate different types of plastics. For example, when you are at a restaurant, avoid using plastic straws.
   In general avoid using things like plastic utensils, plastic water bottles, sandwich bags, plastic gloves, shopping bags, straws and styrofoam cups and plates. In conclusion, saying no to plastic water bottles will help the environment. Don't forget to use your reusable water bottle whenever you can!

I did this project for my Girl Scout silver award. To get this award, you have to work 50 hours and make a positive change in the world.

Click here to read my comic book, written and illustrated by me!

Now that you've read my book, share it with your family and friends to spread the word!

Amelia made these water bottle swaps for each child to remind them to use reusable water bottles.

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