Thursday, March 5, 2015

So simple, so wonderful

I found this note on my bed last night from my youngest daughter. Something so short, sweet and simple can sure fill your heart in a second. My heart is full and smiling.

Challenge: Leave a quick note to someone you like or love today.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Game Chair Makeover

In the winter when it's cold and windy outside I love to sit next to my fireplace. But just sitting near it in a chair is not enough... no I like to plop myself right in front of it. But over time that's not the most comfortable and my butt or leg would usually fall asleep. So I looked around for some options and I thought these game style chairs would be perfect. Light enough for me to move around and more support than a bean bag. But man are these things ugly, they scream man cave or teen boys room.

I picked up these two used game chairs on my neighborhood swap and sell for $10 each. A dear friend of mine had this perfect fabric that she generously gave to me (I had been looking for the right fabric for weeks and she walks into my house with it! I was meant to be!)

I did not take photos of my process but here is what I did to recover the top of the chair.

1. Cut your fabric a few inches wider that needed and heat up your glue gun. Fold the fabric under and start gluing, holding it a minutes or two until the glue sets. Fold under and glue all the way around pulling the fabric tight as you go.

2. Now I did not think the glue would hold over time with me and the girls sitting on the chair so I reinforced the edging with upholstery nail heads. The frame of this chair was wood so I could hammer them right into the edge. I love the finished look it gave the chair.

Pretty easy right? Now you can make that ugly game chair match our own decor... yes it's still a game chair, but it's a pretty one and super comfy to sit next to the fire.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Anna Plays Violin

Scene: Me hounding Anna once again about practicing her violin.

Me: You know the teacher told you to practice everyday that you eat.

Anna: Then I will not eat on Saturdays.

Ugh, sometimes she is so stubborn... but she also cracks me up.