Thursday, December 20, 2012

Visit with Santa

We went to see Santa the other night. This is the first time both of the girls agreed to sit NEXT to Santa and get a photo. But when we got up there Santa slapped his knee and told them to sit on his lap. They both shot me a look. Santa repeated, "Come on have a seat", patting his knee. Amelia slowly sat on the very edge of his knee and looked at me with this really Mom face.

Anna just shook her head no, so I said, "just sit next to him". As you can see in the photo who is happy and who is not. 

While waiting in line the girls were debating if this is the real Santa or just a Santa helper. At first they said helper but then they said the real Santa. I'm just glad they are debating it and still believe... I fear this might be the last year for Amelia (age 8).

Santa still makes me smile! 

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