Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bad Words

Anna at Johnson's Shut-Ins
Scene: Driving home from school yesterday

Anna: I heard a bad word at school. 

Me: Oh, what was the word?

Anna: I can't tell you.

Me: You can always tell me anything, I'm your Mama.

Anna: Well... we were watching a show about the Mayflower and the guy said it several times!

Me: What word did he say?

Anna: Poop Deck (little giggle) He said it many times!

I then went into the discussion about how it was not a bad word just what they called that part of the ship. Later that night told Brian what she said and he thought it was odd that she would think "poop" is a bad word since she and her sister enjoy funny bathroom humor, including the words poop and pee. 

We don't call those words bad, but I have on several occasions after hearing too much potty talk have told the girls they need to be inside the bathroom to say those words. I just can't take pee and poop talk especially at the dinner table.

The girls know it's one way to get a laugh out of Pops (still a big kid). You can always get a laugh from Pops if you say the word "Poop". I'm a bit out numbered in this house! 2 little kids, 1 big kid, 1 adult and 1 dog.... oh poop!

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