Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Groucho

Groucho & Anna last March

Last spring we got a new puppy and named him Groucho because of his little mustache. Today he turns one year old and we can't imagine not having him with us.

Yes, puppy hood was hard work and he still is not perfect. He loves to chewy on polly pockets and for some reason likes to pee in the girls room, ughhhh. We finally put the baby gate up in the girls doorway to keep him out of their room. Other than that he is such a sweet dog, he loves to cuddle in your lap. Sometimes so much so I think I had a third baby wanting all my attention. 

But I have to say he has been so good with the girls. Meaning he puts up with a lot! They put him in the shopping cart, in the toy baby bed, in the wheelbarrow and he is constantly being carried around. He has a little warning growl he gives when he has had enough, but has never bitten the girls in anger.

See the photo below, he gives me this look a lot... I think he is saying... "really, please help me".
Here is to many more fun years with you little guy!

Groucho & Anna yesterday

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