Monday, December 12, 2011

Memory Monday - don't peek

We took the girls to see Santa last week, 
Tuesday night is the best time to go... no line!

Amelia said this was the real Santa, his beard was real. 
Anna wouldn't get close enough to him to find out.


I remember when I was in third or forth grade. My brother and I were old enough to start giving gifts to each other. I knew Brent had hid a Christmas gift for me and I just couldn't wait to see! I went to search it out, which wasn't too hard because I knew it was in his room and the closet was the only place to hide anything. There in the bottom was a gray plastic shopping bag. I pealed it open to find the cutest, whitest, stuffed teddy bear. It was super soft and had a metallic bow tie. 

As I was closing the closet door Brent walked in and he knew what I was up to... he was so mad. Of course I denied ever peeking and acted totally surprised when I opened it. Since then I have never peeked at gifts again, I learned I didn't want to know. But then again... I wonder if I would ever have even remembered that stuffed bear if I hadn't had that sneaky pre-Christmas moment with it.

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