Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We caught the elf in action

Last year Amelia had the idea to try and catch our elf in action, he was always getting into things at night while we slept. Here is the video of what we taped that night.

What cracks me up are the comments that people have left on the video. It seems to be a debate on if the video is real or not. What do you think?

  • -this video is definetly fake but just a little bit crepy at the same time
    -this video is soooo fake
    -that Laugh Sounds Like a Smurf
    -that elf is creepy!
    -that is not fake
    -Fake they moved the elf when took pictures
    -the laugh scares me it sounds like a demestic squirrel
    -i didnt see any string good job
    -funny but fakkee
    -lol Let me spell it. F.A.K.E

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