Monday, November 7, 2011

Product review: Wee Squeak Shoes


We went to a family birthday party this weekend and one of the kids there (not a relative) had these shoes on. They look normal right? Well hiding in each heal is a very loud squeaker (like you would fine in a dog toy), so with every step, hop, jump you make with each foot you hear a very loud SQUEAK! 

Now put these shoes on a 3 year old kid and guess how many times you hear that squeak within a 2 hours time? I'll tell you... about a billion. At least that is how it felt in my brain... each squeak was like someone poking my brain with a small pin.

I guess the only upside someone might have to these shoes is you know where your kid is at all times through out your house. But a tiny cat bell would also do the trick and would be way less annoying.

Thank goodness my girls do not own these and if they got them as gifts they would be set on fire! 

Do you have someone you don't really like... give their kids these shoes.

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