Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tree Trouble

Last Saturday morning it was raining with a light wind when the girls and I heard a loud thundering noise that shook the house. Brian ran upstairs yelling... are you all o.k? Yes, we were all o.k!
I went downstairs and realized what had happened, a tree fell on the house!

Usually the girls would be watching cartoons with Brian at 9:00am on a Saturday morning but for some reason they were up in the office with me. Thank goodness they were. The tree had broken in the living room window and glass was all the way across the room, on the couch, everywhere.

When we opened the front door all you could see was tree! We have a very large tree in the front yard and for some reason the top of the tree broke off, that large limb is just the top of the tree.

That tree top put two holes in the roof, broke two windows and three storm windows, tore off one shutter and dented up another. It dented up the handrail, torn off my flag pole, mangled the gutter, and scratched up the siding. 

All things that can be fixed... because we are all o.k.

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Meeling said...

Yikes! Scary, but like you said, all that can be fixed...glad everyone was safe.