Saturday, July 2, 2011

Life can be too short

On June 22, 2011 Erik Rogers, a good high school friend of my husband passed away. He had fallen off a 6 ft ladder trimming the trees in his backyard and sustained a major brain injury.

I have been thinking about him, his family, and his two girls since this tragic accident happened. As you can expect I wonder why was he taken at such a young age. I guess his job here on earth was done, but can't help to think of his girls growing up with out him in their lives. It just breaks my heart. I keep looking at his photo and I can't believe he is not here walking, talking. I just have so many thoughts and questions in my head.

Erik's sudden death has also made me reflect own my life, which I actually do often, and I am reminded once again that any day could be my last and I must enjoy it all now, there is no time to waste.

Because Erik was an organ donor he still lives on:  his heart is with a 59 year old man, his liver with a 53 year old man, a 20 year old girl received 1 kidney & a 73 year old women got the other kidney. It does make me happy that Erik's donation has helped so many people.

I picture Erik watching over his girls... forever their guardian angel. 

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