Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Dress for Mama

I made a dress for me! It's the first dress I have ever made for myself. I have made simple dresses for the girls before but this was a first for me. I've made myself skirts for the summer but that's about it. I've always been a bit nervous sewing clothes for myself, I don't want them to look homemade. That is why I have stuck to the kids clothes, it seems more acceptable to sew kids clothing.

But I picked up the pattern (McCall's M6308) for $1 and though I would give it a try. I purchased a gray jersey, t-shirt like material. This was another challenge since I find jersey hard to sew since it is so stretchy! But I was able to follow the instructions and I made it... and it looked cute... and it doesn't look homemade!

I think the hem dips a tiny bit in the back but I don't think anyone but me would notice. So, not to bad for my first dress. That's my girls and me (in the dress) at the Magic House's Alice in Wonderland room.

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Meeling said...

Well done...it feels so good to wear something you made yourself and are proud of!!