Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gone but still here... Alzheimer's

My Grandfather has Alzheimer's and the past two years he has gotten worse. He has not been able to remember who I am for several years and has a lot of trouble remembering his four children. One day he knows who they are and the next he doesn't. It's quite sad and I really feel for my Mom, Aunt and Uncles. It must be so hard for them to have to remind their father who they are.

The man I knew was strong, stubborn, very Catholic and very Republican. He worked very hard and provided well for his family. He was old school, believing women stayed in the home, which was hard for me as the oldest grand daughter. Most of all he was so very proud of his family, his four children and 11 grand children and now 10 great grand children. He loved us all dearly and at family events he always let us know with a little speech at prayer time about his love for family.

Writing this I feel as I am writing about someone that has passed away, but he is still here. Which makes it all hard because most of the his memories have passed on. One good thing is he has not forgotten his wife... he knows her everyday and that makes it all somewhat o.k. Because I think that would break my heart if he every forgot her.


Meeling said...

What a lovely but sad post. I had a friend who's mom had it and it's so difficult as they forget people and memories. Nice to hear that he still knows his wife...I pray that never changes. :-)

Kathy~Sweet Bird Designs said...

A beautiful post. I pray that cures to both alzheimers and parkinsons disease are found. My dad has parkinsons and I feel as though he's slipping away. Just breaks my heart. All the best to you.