Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Product Review - Magic Nuudles

Amelia was having a friend sleep over for the first time so I bought the girls some Magic Nuudles for a craft project. These things are so cool! They stick together after you dab the end on a wet sponge. They had a ball making flowers, glasses, rainbows and crowns.

- This is a "green" product, made from cornstarch and dissolves completely in water! Love that!
- It gave us a good hour of creative fun!
- When you are ready to throw them away just put them in a sink with water and watch them melt away.

-They are a little fragile, Amelia's crown broke the next day. This really is only a "con" for the girls since I didn't really want these things in my house forever.

I would definitely buy these again!

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