Thursday, March 24, 2011

What we're eating - Bananas

I've never really liked bananas (my Anna loves them), I never eat them raw out of the peel. My Mom doesn't like bananas and so I guess she never bought them so we never ate them. The only way I like them is with Rice Krispies cereal sprinkled with sugar. I'm pretty sure I learned this from my Grandmother. We used to visit my grandparents at the lake every summer and I remember her doing the same thing.

It's odd how our food choices are strongly formed by the people around us. My girls will probably not like avocados, since Brian and I don't like them. But maybe they will met someone who does and take the leap to try it... as I strongly encourage them to always try new things. My husband did not really eat any veggies until he met me and now he eats all that I put in front of him. He does still hate corn but he does eat it with a big gulp of his drink to wash it down.

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