Monday, March 7, 2011

Meltdown Monday

Last weekend we set out to deliver the 176 boxes of Girl Scout cookies Amelia (and Brian at work) sold. Amelia was already in a grumpy mood, but when we talked about what she need to do when we went to the door she got upset when I told her she needed to say thank you. For some reason she did not want to say thank you. I explained to her how our neighbors were nice enough to buy cookies from her and that selling the cookies raised money so that her troop can do fun things... so she needed to say thank you. 

Meltdown... tears... red blotchy face. We didn't even make it to the first house. We went back inside, I headed up to my room to calm myself down, I was very frustrated by this point. We were having a battle of the wills over the words... thank you!

We ate lunch, played a bit and then attempted the delivery again... this time she was good and even wanted to go up to the door by herself, being all brave!

If I'm getting these mood swings at age 6 what is 16 going to be like? 

Photos: Why do I have a photo of my crying child? I had brought the camera along to get a cute photo like below, Amelia pulling her red wagon of GS cookies.

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