Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tell me how you feel... really


Recently Amelia has been leaving me a few notes, I found this one folded up on my keyboard.

It says: "I wish you had not said that to me. That made me very very mad. Amelia"

I asked her what I said and I had told her no to something (I can't even remember what it was, but it was not a big deal). But I did like that she felt like she could express herself and her feelings to me. I told her that she can talk or write to me anytime and that I would always be here for her.

Well, I got another note today. This one says "That is so bad. I was so mad". It has two stick figures, one curly hair (that's me) and the other one is her with a word bubble saying "GRRRRR" That cracks me up! This time I had told her she could not have any more tic tacs. I am one mean Mama!

My favorite thing is in the photo of the note above she added a star, a smiley face and a peace sign. Then the drawing of her has a word bubble with three hearts. I guess she is not that mad at me!

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