Monday, September 20, 2010

Memory Monday - Camp Cedarledge

We took our daisy troop to Camp Cedarledge this weekend for a saddles & spurs class where they learned about horses. Then we had a snack and took a short hike. I think the girls had a nice time.

The pavilion where we had our snack was right next to the counselor's lounge and it brought back a memory of when I was 16 and spent my summer at Camp Cedarledge as a lifeguard and counselor . We were always playing jokes on the other counselors . One night myself and one other counselor had the great idea to take all the furniture out of the counselors lounge and set it up outside just as it was inside. We carried it all out, set it up, giggling all the while! It was so funny! Until.... late that night after we went back to bed a heavy rain storm rolled in and soaked the camp. We heard the rain and talked about going back to put all the stuff back inside but we knew it was already too late.

The next day there was some talk about the prank but they did not seem too upset. The rain actually gave the old, dirty wooden furniture and cushions a long needed wash. It was a good thing the lounge T.V. was too heavy for the two of us to carry outside. Otherwise I think there would be a hunt down for us.

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