Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer over?

I can't believe school starts in a few days. I remember worrying about the summer and how would I keeping the kids busy and get my work done (I work from home as a freelance graphic designer). Well, the end of summer is here and we made it.

We kept busy with my Terrific Tuesdays (fun outings around town that I planned with friends). We went to Grammy's pool every Thursday to swim. The girls went to one camp, safety camp, which they loved! We took two small summer trips one to Metropolis IL and Branson MO. The girls took gymnastic class over the summer, we saw a few movies, the circus, the church carnival, bingo with GG. Amelia played softball and we did our first Mom & Me Girl Scout camping.

I would say we kept busy and had a great summer creating lots of fun memories.

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