Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Silver Dollar City - 2010

We just went to Silver Dollar City this week and when you are in Branson you have to get the standard cheesy olde time photo taken with the family. The last time we were in Branson Amelia was 9 months old and I was pregnant with Anna. So whenever Anna sees that photo she asks why she is not in it.

So the first thing we do at SDC is head to the photo shop, Amelia was soooooo excited to get dressed up. But when we get there Anna did not want to get her photo taken, I'm not sure why. She told me she did not like the flash, she did not like to play dress up and that she already had a pretty dress on. Ughhhhh! This is from the girl who wants to wear her fancy England flower girl dress everyday!

After 30 minutes of trying to talk her into the photo, bribery and all... no luck. Brian and I would have said forget it but Amelia had her heart set on doing this and why should we let Anna mess that up for her. So here we all are... minus my little stubborn Anna.

Have a good chuckle at it, it is very cheesy. But Amelia loved it!

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