Thursday, August 26, 2010

Corners of my home - Singer

This is my new old toy, isn't she pretty!

A dear friend was moving and gave me this vintage Singer machine in a neat art deco style cabinet. She had given it to me when Amelia was about age 1 and it sat at my Mom's house (3 years) until last year when Mom wanted it out. It came to my garage and sat there until this summer when I thought I would give it away, but then I read up on it and found it to be a nice sturdy machine to have.

I deiced to keep it and took it in to be rehabbed, the cording crumbled when you touched it. But other than a good tune up and rewiring this heavy beast was back in my hands. Studying the manual I got the thread set up and took it for a spin.

First thing I noticed it was soooooo quiet compared to my modern machine, plus it turns on a dime, but my favorite thing is it can sew through anything... leather and layers of thick felted wool. This 40lb baby is a keeper! The only down side is there are no fancy stitches on this machine. Just a simple straight stitch which is what I use 90% of the time, so not a big deal.

Plus it makes me feel a bit nostalgic sewing on this machine made between 1939 - 1941. My house is made in 1941 so they make a good fit. It makes me happy to bring her back to life and I think she is smiling.

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