Monday, August 23, 2010

Corners of my home - the blue photo

Which one of these look like the other, which one of these isn't the same?

These are a grouping of photos in my upstairs hallway right by a window. As you can see 3 of them have a blue tint to them. They were once black and white photos but over the past 6 years have turned blue. Why you ask? The "blue" photos were printed by a local photo chain store and looked great but over time with natural light nearby they have faded. The photo of my sweet dog Bud was a printout from a laser copier and still looks great.

So keep this in mind when hanging photos near a window. I suggest making a photocopy and hang that or just know that you might need to replace the images every few years. I will reprint these, laser this time. I can't forget those wonderfully sweet first few days with my Amelia!

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