Thursday, June 10, 2010

What we're eating - more salad

So far our new garden has produced dinner salad for three meals (4 servings a meal). The bib lettuce has grown so nicely, it taste good and the girls love to pick it for our dinner. Lucky for me they LOVE salad!

Our green beans have also done nicely but I need to plant more plants next year, we get about 10 beans at a time. I like to fry them up... so yummy!

Sadly the zucchini has end rot. I was so excited when we had two growing and then the ends started to turn brown. Now I need to figure out what the soil needs to help them grow. I'm not sure I have the energy to figure it out.

The tomatoes are starting to flower and we have one tomato growing, I'm keeping my fingers crossed! The two plants in the ground look much better than the two in the upside down planters.

The new blueberry bush has 4 berries on it... I still need to figure out where to plant it and get another bush to help it grown more in the future.

Not too bad for our first real attempt at a garden, the lettuce & beans has kept our motivation going.

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Ren said...

Wow! You've already got beans? I started my bush beans and pole beans in April and they're still only about 6" tall, with no promise of beans yet.