Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Product Review - Lysol No Touch Soap

I saw a commercial for this and had to try it. Mainly because my girls are always making a big mess with the foam soap pump we had. Anna would put it on the toilet lid and pump making a mess all over the lid. So this gadget caught my eye!

When the girls saw it they were very excited to use it! The price was not bad, $9.99 for the auto pump, one container of soap and it came with two batteries! I bought the cucumber splash scent, which my husband hated the smell! The girls and I liked the smell.

Well... it's awesome! I love this thing! I have not had to wipe soap off the toilet seat since we got it. It squirts out the perfect amount of soap, no mess, so Mama is happy!

The down side... they sell refills bottles for about $4 a bottle. I always refill my pumps with large tubs of soap from Sam's Club. This cuts down on the plastic waste. So there was no way I was going to buy a refill every month. So once it was empty I gave Brian the job of figuring out how to pop off the lid so we could refill it with our own bulk soap and with a scent Brian likes. He used a screwdriver to pry the lid off and then popped it back on, so you can refill it yourself.

As the commercial says... never touch a germy soap pump again!
As I say... one less mess for Mama to clean up it always good!

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