Monday, February 1, 2010

An Elephant Friend for Anna

I make a lot of items for my etsy shop and the girls always ask "who is that for" as I am making it. I know they are hoping it's for them, which makes me feel quilty. But I do make a lot of toys for them!

Last week after dropping Amelia off at school Anna asked in her sweet voice:

Anna: Mama would you make me a toy?

me: Yes, what would you like?

Anna: An elephant.

me: I think I can do that.

Anna does not ask for much and it's been awhile since I made her a new plushy friend.
I made her this elephant out of an old gray sweatshirt and her favorite pokadot dress that she just outgrew. She hasn't put her down for two days, it's her new buddy called Diamond.

Photo: Anna is wearing the flower girl dress from my brother's wedding a year ago. Both the girls love to wear those dresses around the house.

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PACountry said...

This is so cute! Great job!!!