Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Everything I need

I have had this small scrap of half torn paper on my desk for about the past 4 months.

It says... I have everything I need.

I constantly see it, it keeps getting shuffled around and buried under papers, then I clean my desk and find it again. I wrote it to remind myself that I really do have everything I need and to help myself with the urge to purchase anything I don't really need. I feel as Americans we over indulge ourselves too often and I am also guilty of this. We are trained to always want more or big and better things.

I have healthy and beautiful children.
I have a loving husband and a caring family.
I have a nice simple house, not too big, not too small (even though one more room would be nice... see there I go again).
I have food in my pantry and lots of clothes to wash.
I have a car to drive and a job to do.
I have enough to send my girls to swimming lessons and soccer.
I have a little extra to take a vacation.

I have everything I need... and I am very thankful!

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1022 Sea Shell Ave said...

Beautiful and well said! Thanks for the reminder :)