Monday, September 21, 2009

Memory Monday - Prom 1990

Senior prom, wow that seems like so long ago. Here I am with my friends Aalece and Nancy. I got my dress in a trade, this dress is from another friend and she got a green dress my mom wore in a wedding. The dress was a bit big on me so I saftey pinned up the inside to fit. The back side has a big white ruffle down the back.

Can I stand any farther away from my date! This is Andy one of my brother's best friends, neither of us were dating anyone at the time so we went to prom together. I don't remember dancing with him, I think we both went off with our friends once we were at the dance.

I don't remember much else, except I remember two girls came to the prom together as dates, they "came out" at prom. And I remember my brother's girlfriend made her dress, it was metallic baby pink with a silver cumberbun and a wide leg coolot. It was a bit odd, but I give her props for the guts to sew and wear it.


Barbara said...

I love the idea of memory Monday! Okay if I steal the idea for my blog?

Tracy (design Lab 443) said...

go ahead... I saw the idea from another blog.