Monday, September 14, 2009

Memory Monday - Girl Scout Horse Camp

I am going to be one of the Girl Scout leaders for my daughter's Daisy troop, I am excited to do this since I have so many fond memories of being a Girl Scout. I went to my first leaders meeting last week and it brought back so many memories I have forgotten.

Above is a photo of Melony and my dear friends Edna & Ursula. It was 1987 and we went to Camp Cedarledge in Mo. We were doing the horse camp program called WITS (Wranglers-In-Training), my nickname was Pokey, Edna thinks it was because I was slow moving in the 104 heat wave. Edna & Ursula did not have nicknames since when they told our counselors their real names they thought the names were nicknames, ha... Edna & Ursula are very unusual names.

I remember hanging out in our cots reading our daily mail from home, I remember walking up to the stables every morning calling the horses down and feeding them, I remember that was the first time I saw two horses "getting busy", I remember Edna's foot getting stepped on by a horse. I remember the biggest horse flies I have ever seen and how they bite! I remember taking the horses on a long ride and camping out in the woods, sleeping in hammocks in the trees and hearing the horses softly neigh all night... I really remember having so much fun I didn't want to go home.

Don't I look cool with my short blue shorts and mesh hat... oh and I had to wear the bandanna, I was a WIT!