Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Memory Monday - Alpha Xi Delta Spring Formal

I am starting a new segment called "Memory Monday". I have such a bad memory and I figure I need to write about my past so I don't forget it all someday. Above is a photo of me with my sorority sisters: Julie, Stacie L., Stacey E. and Angela. These were some of my pledge sisters and my best buddies though out my college years.

Yes, that's me on the end with the disco ball dress. I remember shopping for this dress with my Mom and how pretty I thought it was. It was fitted through the top, with a drop waist and a full gray skirt that came just above my knee. I was a bold move, back then I always like the different... clothes with a twist. If I remember correctly this formal dance was held in St. Louis on the President Riverboat, this was when it still floated down the river. My date was a guy named Donny, he was a Lambda Chi from University of Missouri,Rolla.

This new segment might become "funny photos of Tracy" we'll see what happens.

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Peebs And Roo said...

How cool to have a memory post. If I didn't scrapbook, I know I'd forget everything! Great idea!