Monday, June 1, 2009

Curly hair

I didn't always have curly hair, it was fairly straight with a slight wave in it until I hit age 13, then poof it was curly. I expect it was my teen hormones or maybe that first Micheal Jackson inspired home perm my Mom gave me over the kitchen sink? But ever since that age... curly hair... that is how people know me and I am often mistaken for someone else who also has brown curly hair. 

I have always embraced my curly hair and have a routine to get it looking nice, wash everyday, mouse, blow dry and a few back curls (the back is a bit straighter than the top now so I have to curl the back a bit to match the front). 

Some days I think how nice it would be to wake up, run a comb through my hair and go. I don't own a comb or a brush because using these tools on my hair results in a frizzy afro! I'm not kidding on this one!  I wonder if Anna or Amelia will get my curly hair someday... we will have to wait and see.

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