Thursday, May 7, 2009

University City Lion

I have fun news, I applied to design a University City lion, a life size lion that will be decorated and on display in ucity June 7th thru sept. 12th. This is a special art insulation celebrating ucity's 100 years. My design was chosen along with 12 others.  Yepeee!

I am doing a "Read Between The Lions" theme, where the lion will be covered with pages of books and wearing glasses. If you have seen the boston cow parade, it's the same type of thing but with lions. 

I am very excited and a bit nervous, now I really have to do this and it has to be really good... I am already stressed out...  the lion is coming on Monday, but first I need to clean the garage out to make room for it!

I will take photos of my progress, Wish me luck!

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