Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial weekend in Chicago

Friday Night we went to Medieval Times with Mom, Dad, Brent, Helen, Tami, John, Nic and Brian. It was a fun show the girls liked it, but Anna fell asleep the last 1/2 hour of the show, which is surprising since it was very, very loud. She can sleep through anything.
Saturday we wanted to go down town and though it would be faster and cheaper to ride the L. Big mistake, 2 hours later we finally made it down town Chicago. The L was being worked on so we had to get off and ride buses, with car parking and the L tickets we spent $38. I think it would have been better to drive. Oh well it was a unique experience. Here is Anna on the way back, asleep again.
After the car ride, the L ride, the bus ride and then the 20 minute walk we finally made it to Millenium Park and saw the Bean!
Then splashed in the fountains!

We ate some hot dogs and sat in the park a bit before heading back... walk, bus, L, and car... what a day.

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