Monday, February 23, 2009

1989 - My Oscar

In 1989 I won an Oscar, o.k. it was a Lafayette High School Oscar, but still! I won it for my first performance in a play. It was my junior year and I did not make the soccer team which I had been playing since I was in first grade up until freshman year. When I did not make the varsity team I was so crushed! My Mom encouraged me to try another school activity so I join the set crew for the play. They still needed to fill a part and somehow they talked me into it. The play was "The Ugly Duckling" and I played the part of the ditzy, beautiful princess.  I remember all the fun practicing for the play, making the costumes and I remember the night of the play... my friends and family telling me they were surprised at how well I did. 

Later that year the school has it's Oscar night and surprisingly I won best supporting actress, I was shocked! Sadly my acting career was short lived, I tried out the next year for a part in A Midsummer's Night's Dream, but got cast as a woodland fairy, no speaking. I think I was so nervous trying out that I blew it! That was my last acting roll. Now I hate to speak in large groups and I get very nervous over anything that puts me in the spot light. Oh the irony!

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