Thursday, January 8, 2009

Upcycle - sweater to skirt

So lately I am into upcycling, I took this lightweight sweater of mine, that I was going to take to goodwill but instead I made it into this cute sweater skirt for Amelia. It was really quick and easy to do, and it didn't cost me a dime!First you just cut off the top under the arm holes. Then sew in the elastic waist band, since the bottom is already finished that's it.
Then I just hand embroidered an "A" and a butterfly at Amelia's request. Lucky for me Anna will also get to wear this after Amelia out grows it.  

Next project: hats for Anna & Amelia made out of an old sweater. Sadly,I guess goodwill won't get much from me anytime soon.

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Sikes Family said...

So that is way too cute! You are so clever, who would of thought of that! The girls will love it.