Friday, December 19, 2008

School Christmas Party

The girls both had their school holiday parties this week, it was fun to see them in action at school. But, for Anna's party Brian and I got there while the kids were still in the gym. When they all filed into the room she took one look at both of us and burst into tears. It was very odd and I'm not sure if we surprised her or what went through her mind, but she climbed into my lap and settled down. Then she got right into the groove of making ornaments, and frosting a ice cream cone tree covering it with M&M's. 

Amelia's party was today so Anna got to come along. They made a gingerbread house (as one mom commented: the room had a strong scent of sugar candy in the air), sang songs, painted and read stories. These are the sweet moments I am lucky to share with my girls.

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