Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas 2008

We had a lovely Christmas with our family & friends, we celebrated Christmas Eve at my aunt's house with my family and then the Dorsey clan came over to our house for Christmas dinner. My favorite was Christmas morning, Anna climbed into bed with us like it was any other morning, but Amelia climbed in and softly whispered into my ear, "can we go open our presents"? She remembered what day it was... and so the fun began!

Brian had just as much fun as the girls setting up the new millennium falcon. And both girls were stunned to see the huge barbie castle Santa brought for them. I was very surprised by the new ipod touch Santa left for me, and I'm sure to be addicted to it very quickly!

Above is the Dorsey kids, all 10 of them, it was crazy fun chaos when they opened all their gifts.

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