Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas 1977

Memories of Christmas past... for several years Mom made us matching dresses, that was the thing to do back in 1970's. I remember going to Grandma & Gramdpa Powers house for Christmas eve with all my aunts, uncles and cousins. After dinner all the kids would pile into our big yellow van with shag green carpet interior (no car seats or even seat belt laws back then) and drive around the neighborhood to look at the holiday lights. Once we got back Grandma would meet us at the door saying we just missed Santa, we would run down to the basement to find a huge pile of gifts towering around the tree and covering the floor, then Grandpa would pass out the gifts wearing his Santa hat.

Christmas day we headed to Grandpa & Grandma Olde's house for dinner, this was a bit more low key compared to the night before, but was always fun as we watched the tree rotate, fed the cocker spaniel treats, and had a traditional sit down Christmas dinner with the fancy china. The gift's from Grandpa Olde were always fun and noisy, much to my Mom's dismay.

I have been blessed to always have a nice Christmas with my family, food and presents under the tree. Hope you all enjoy this holiday season.

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