Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Think of Mrs. Allie

Mrs. Allie is Anna's preschool teacher and we have been waiting the arrival of her first baby. Today when I dropped off Amelia & Anna at school another teacher from Anna's room handed me a letter. I quickly looked at it and saw... Allie had a beautiful boy... and I said, "oh Mrs. Allie had her baby", the teacher quickly, in a flat tone said... "he's sick". My heart sank, once home I read the whole letter. Dominic was born with a heart defect and within his first day he stopped breathing and had surgery. 

This really shook me up, and once again I am reminded how blessed I am to have two healthy daughters. With Thanksgiving a few days away I have so much to be thankful for... A healthy family, friends by my side, a lovely home to live in, a job to work at, food and clothing, and so much more. I know someone is watching over us, and I thank them with all my heart!

If you pray, please say one for baby Dominic.

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