Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Poole, England... Part 1

So we made it to sunny England, well it was only sunny this one day (otherwise it was about 45 and rainy) and since the house we rented was right on the beach front the girls spent some fun time playing in the sand. Poole is a beautiful beach area and I only wish we could have come in the summer to enjoy the large beaches and sail boats... maybe next time.

We did see Corfe castle, which was set in a rolling green hillside high above the most charming village, all the tiny houses were stone, some with thatch roofs, shops, tea houses, a tiny square in the middle. I loved it and wanted to live there, it was right out of a story book or an old romantic movie.
I didn't realize HOW much tea is a way of life in England, everyday, everywhere you went we were offered tea. I am not a tea or coffee drinker and I did give it another try, but... nope still don't like it. So it was hot chocolate for me and my gang. After viewing the castle we were all so cold we stopped at a tea house, it was full and so we had to sit outside, but luckily they had heat lamps and with our hot coco topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallows and a sprinkle of coco powder we were all happily munching on our jelly smeared scones. It was so charming and fun.

The girls were invited to a halloween party given by two of the other children in Brent's wedding. Halloween is a bit different over there. First they don't really trick-or-treat to houses unless they know you are coming, at the party we went visted two neighbor houses that knew we were all going to stop by for candy. Secondly, the girls are all witches. Amelia borrowed a princess dress to wear and one of the girls at the party told her that she can't be a princess for halloween. Brian overhearing this told the girl that where we come from you can be anything you want. The party was very sweet with fun games,  food, and treats to take home. It was so nice of them to include us.

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