Monday, November 10, 2008

Paci Fairy

So the paci came to our house Friday night, we had been telling Anna that when she turned three the paci fairy would come and take her pacifiers (which she uses only for bed time) and leave her some money. So she came and left Anna $5.00 and a trail of confetti that lead to the window. Anna woke up early Saturday morning and could not find her paci and was very upset when Brian explained that they were gone. As I heard her crying to Brian for the paci I got a sick feeling in my gut that I had done this all wrong! Maybe we should not have taken them away but had her get rid of them on her own will. Brian and I quickly talked and decide to give her one back, but told her she had to throw that one away in the trash if she wanted to go by a new toy with her $5.00. Well, she promptly told us that she would just buy a new paci!

O.K. this kid is too smart... we told her no to buying a new paci. Later that night, after dinner I told her we could go to Target to pick out a new toy, but that she need to throw away the paci first. She said no but then did go up stairs and brought down her paci, she went to the trashcan looked at it and walked away. Amelia was cheering her on... you can do it Anna, she would say. I told Anna the deal again and again she went to the trashcan, she opened the lid, looked deep down in, shut the lid and walked away. She looked so sad, Brian and I were almost in tears from her struggle. A few minutes later she went back in, lifted the trash lid and gently set her paci inside and closed the lid. WOW, I can't believe she did it!!!
We quickly left the house for target, I did not want to give her time to rethink her decision. She picked out the Polly Pocket Sparklin' Pets Pawsh limo and paid the checker herself with her paci money.

That night at bedtime, she did cry a bit for the paci but Brian kept her company for awhile and the next night was even better. Naps are taking a little longer for her to fall asleep, but I understand, she has to relearn how to fall asleep without her paci. 
Sweet Dreams my little Anna!

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Sikes Family said...

Oh, I started crying reading this. How sad. It sounds like she was really attached to her pacifier. Sophia has never taken a pacifier so I guess we won't go through this stage. She plays with her dolls and gives them pacifiers, but she doesn't use them herself. It will be okay.