Monday, September 29, 2008

Date Night with Ira Glass

Thanks to Brian's brother Dan we had a date night on Saturday, it had been awhile since we had a date night, Dan gave us tickets to see Ira Glass at the pageant in Ucity's Loop. Brian and I had never really heard about Ira but watched some video clips and thought it sounded interesting, so sitting in the front row we were entertained by his stories of the Prison Performing Arts, this is a nonprofit group that teaches theater to prisoners in Missouri and is the group Dan works for. 

I was impressed with Ira's story telling abilities while also mixing sound clips, music and speech on the spot, on stage, he was a sort of juggler of sound & speech, creating a wonderful show that kept me engrossed. I quickly learned that everyone would sound better with some sort of soft melancholy music playing in the background as they spoke. I wish I had this music playing when I had to meet my clients!

Afterward Dan gave us backstage passes to have a drink with Ira, which was a first for me, we headed backstage where they had set up small round tables that people mingled about. There were about 30 people and they all seemed to know each other except us. Since I was new to Ira Glass I felt a bit guilty backstage, knowing that there were teams of fans who paid for their tickets and would truly enjoy this chance to meet him in this private setting. I watched Ira wondering if I should approach him, not knowing what I would even say, it seems as others felt the same way since he stood alone talking with one woman for quite awhile. By the time Dan came around and was going to introduce us to Ira, it seemed everyone had gotten up their nerve to approach him and he was surrounded, oh well. It was a lovey night out with my sweetie, something different than a movie and long overdue.

One more shout out to my parents for always babysitting the girls so we can go out, we are lucky to have them do this for us and lucky the girls love when Grammy & Papa visit. I know this because as soon as they came over Amelia was pushing us out the door saying, "bye mama, have fun tonight, bye".

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